Wednesday, March 25, 2015

If Arkansas was characterized by a chair, it would be this kind of chair. These kinds of chair are everywhere in Arkansas. Normally, they have an ugly brown-green-gold hue.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Yeah, I think I prefer the initial pencil drawing.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mordecai from Regular Show singing "Mordecai" by BTBAM.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The last Pokemon game I played was Sapphire on the GBA. I recently decided to get back into it, starting with the game after Sapphire GBA, Pokemon Diamond. Coincidentally, I rewatched a lot of Always Sunny while playing and decided to pick some Pokemon from the 151 pokedex of Diamond that corresponded with the characters.

Mac-Geodude, Mac thinks he's tough, Geodude thinks the same. Also Geodude never works legs, just like Mac.
Dennis-Roserade, Dennis and Roserade seem very conceited about their looks, with no real basis.
Sweet Dee-Pelipper, obviously a large bird with a big mouth.
Frank-Abomasnow, short, those eyebrows are similar to Frank's, and Frank generally has an icy demeanor toward everything.
Charlie-Psyduck, most things confuse Charlie, most things confuse Psyduck.

 Always Sunny has quite a few supporting characters that appear throughout the show that add a little something extra, so I had to choose Pokemon for them as well.

Artemis-Honchkrow, both puffed up, think they look sexy and I'm fairly certain Artemis would wear a hat just like that if she hasn't already.
Rickety Cricket-Gastly, Cricket should most definitely be dead with all the things the gang and life have thrown his way, but he isn't. Bonus, since Cricket used to be a priest, but in episodes after becoming homeless, makes fun of religion, so perhaps he's being punished to roam the mortal world.
Ryan McPoyle-Croagunk, both appear to have their mouths constantly open and their statures are fairly similar. Croagunk can be found in the Great Marsh and the McPoyles probably originated in a swamp.
Liam McPoyle-Toxicroak, all of the same reasons for Ryan, except Liam is the McPoyle who is more in charge. Toxicroak's pointed head is also similar to Liam's hair.
Margaret McPoyle-Bidoof, both are more like set pieces than actual living things.
Waitress-Bronzor, this one was hard, the Waitress has no real personality traits other than her problems with alcohol. The Gang barely notices her and is annoyed by her, Charlie loves her/stalks her, and then she is subsequently annoyed by him. I chose Bronzor because if you tilt him horizontally, he becomes the perfect tray and trays are necessary for waitresses.