Friday, September 30, 2011

Just. Not. Scary.

Yes, this is a hispanic gangster catholic piranha who has killed three people and represents the 213.
There comes a time in your life when you have to ask yourself...

our potential friendship hinges on your answer. This is proof that I will watch a documentary on anything. This is a twenty minute documentary about Juggalos. Juggalos are fans of the group ICP. Now, I dont like ICP, I dont like Juggalos, but this is so...FASCINATING. Even if you dont watch the whole thing, watch the first minute, its worth it.

Also there should be a drinking game to this for every time someone says "family" or yells "WHOOP WHOOP"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I just finished this book by Sam Pink. This is an exert from the book. The name of this chapter is called Twizzler.

"When I was sixteen I knew a guy named Scott. He always had people over to drink in his basement. I would go over sometimes in the summer because it was within walking distance. Also because his sister's friends all wanted to have sex with me. One time after not seeing him for a while I heard from some people how Scott had been drinking and driving, and how when he was speeding up a hill, he hit a kid crossing the street. Scott was seventeen when it happened and the kid was fourteen. Scott didnt go to jail. So one night after not seeing Scott for over a year, I went over. And he told me and some other people about the night of the accident. He said he held the bloody kid's body in his arms while they waited for the ambulance. He said the kid either died in his arms, or was already dead, he didnt know. He said holding the kid's body was like holding a Twizzler. No one said anything, but I think we were all thinking about how the Twizzler comparison made sense at first, then not at all."

This is pretty nifty, but how does one even THINK to try this?

I like what this guy is up to.

I wonder, do smokers smoke in their dreams?

Moon, prism, pooooooower. (yea that was pretty nerdy of me)

Yea this is my new Apple back mounted projector, its pretty hip.

I took your parking space AND I fucked your son. Deal with it.

Could I be more pretentious? Yes, yes I could.

Ahhhh yeah, youre a bad coconut. dirty, dirty, DIRTY. Gonna get right UP in there. NOMNOMNOMNOM.

This show is WEIRD as fuck, and way ahead of its time. Found it on netflix. Here's the description

This adult-themed animated satire follows the unhinged misadventures of Kevin Spencer, an alcoholic 14-yr old constantly swept up in trouble.

Id like to think that Tommy Lee Jones and Clint Eastwood are friends because they are both oldfucks with distinct voices.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I got dragged to this tonight, not as eventful as I thought itd be, but Jones with that spider/monkey walk shit at the beginnng so much WUT.
hey Im selling shit on ebay, Im almost out of paper. I CANT DO THE BLAWG WITHOUT PAPER. /subtle hints.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Looks like Hobgoblin's finally getting some love.

United States map to average Arkansan.

If your behavior is questionable...use this.


My thoughts while climbing a mountain in Alaska.
More stupid shit I found in magazines!

Yo dawg, I herd you liek azns, so I put some azns in yer azns so you can stereotype while you stereotype.


Woody has a lil captain in him.

Tool with a tool.

So I finally got around to watching the Human Centipede and I have to say...honestly, I expected more poop.

Yes, you can surf in New York, and yes, this is badass. nightmares made of cake.

I have been watching the fuck out of this on netflix.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Think about it. The bitch has been saying "homie" for the past twenty plus years.
If hippos would just lose weight...

theyd be hot as fuck.

Surely "savvy" is the only double v word, right?
So I was clearing off my bookshelf and I realized I had a lot of magazines. All different kinds because I have varied interests. But before just throwing them away, I decided to look through them for lulzy stuff and boy, did I. Here's some of what I found.

Now Ted, what do you think a vagina looks like?

Beware, whale spotted at beach.

Okay, this one needs an explanation. This is from Lowrider Art magazine, which mostly consists of art people have sent in. Someone sent in THIS. Now its awful on its own, but I have always wondered if that weird hairy mole was intentional or not.

I dont even know what I expected it to be, but it mos def was not a laundrymat.

I just read this. Normally, Im opposed to reading, but I loved this book. Its only 86 pages, and if you hate people youll love this. Sam Pink is a great writer, check it out, ya dumb bitch.

This is Axel Mansoor. His brother is Misha Mansoor of Periphery, a great metal band. This isnt metal, but its great in its own right. I havent decided if this is cool or if illustrates that americans think they can do whatever they want. It is ballsy though.

I would dance to this, dunno if I like it. Theres a huge difference between what someone will dance to and what they genuinely like.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Okay, this is making me lul so hard.

oh gawd, how could we have forgotten about this?

What he shouldve said.

Im going to assume that step 2 involves black magic. Only black magic could make cheetos. you are welcome in advance.

Now I didnt think of this GEM, but I thought it was deserving.

not statutory. REAL rape. Im thinking least two.