Thursday, September 29, 2011

I just finished this book by Sam Pink. This is an exert from the book. The name of this chapter is called Twizzler.

"When I was sixteen I knew a guy named Scott. He always had people over to drink in his basement. I would go over sometimes in the summer because it was within walking distance. Also because his sister's friends all wanted to have sex with me. One time after not seeing him for a while I heard from some people how Scott had been drinking and driving, and how when he was speeding up a hill, he hit a kid crossing the street. Scott was seventeen when it happened and the kid was fourteen. Scott didnt go to jail. So one night after not seeing Scott for over a year, I went over. And he told me and some other people about the night of the accident. He said he held the bloody kid's body in his arms while they waited for the ambulance. He said the kid either died in his arms, or was already dead, he didnt know. He said holding the kid's body was like holding a Twizzler. No one said anything, but I think we were all thinking about how the Twizzler comparison made sense at first, then not at all."

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