Monday, March 4, 2013

I am an avid Sam Pink fan and I just finished his newest book, "Rontel." You should buy it. Here is an excerpt:

"I went through an alley after holding the dumpster lids open for the maintenance man. Someone had left a microwave out. There was a handwritten note on a ripped piece of paper taped to the microwave. The note read, "I still work!" I still work--I thought. I still work, motherfucker. Which one of you motherfuckers thought I stopped working? Wait. Wait no. Who thought I stopped working. Oh no no. Because I didn't. No. I never stopped working. You thought I stopped. You actually thought that. And went on with your lives. You still worked, thinking I didn't. But I do still work. I still work and I want you to know that."

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