Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just finished reading Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk, it was pretty good. This book has the infamous story by Chuck called "Guts," that has made people faint during readings, here is a link to the story Personally, I don't think "Guts" is all that gross. I bought the book used and there's something weird about my copy.

Haunted, including the afterward, is 411 pages. At page 364, some words are haphazardly underlined. The words underlined are as follows; intercom, asymptomatic, world pandemic, sterile, tumor, strain, stearic, epitaph, fissures, and latex. But the first appearance of the word 'latex' isn't underlined, the third or fourth one is.

I just do not understand this. I assume whoever had it before me underlined the words to look them up later, but why wait so long into the book to start underlining? And who doesn't know what a tumor is, or latex for that matter?

I just don't understand, seems like there is a story there.

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