Saturday, August 31, 2013

For my cultural psychology class, we have to research some customs/traditions/superstitions of another country, I got the Philippines. I don't know much about the Philippines so that makes it slightly interesting. These are some of the things I found out;

1. They have this tradition/superstitious thing of turning their plate when someone leaves a table, supposed to guarantee the person that leaves a safe journey, failure to do so means something bad will happen to them. Yeah, yadda, yadda, superstitious thing that isn't too crazy as far as superstitions go.

2. The Philippines are the melting pot of the east. There are many major languages there, one of them being spanish. That's right, there are people in the Philippines that just speak spanish, because FUCK YOU.

3. The Filipinos have quite a few myths about facials hair/moles that are hilarious, let me share a few of those;

-People with eyebrows that are almost touching easily get jealous- yea no shit, they're jealous of people with two eyebrows.

-A mole on the nose means that a person is oversexed- Uhhhhh....

-A mole on the back of the neck means that a person is liar and an unfaithful lover- Well alright then.

There are way more, even more ridiculous things about moles and Filipinos, I just gave you the highlights.

Damn Philippines, you crazy.

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