Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I follow a lot of video gaming related youtube channels, but out of all of them I prefer the ones made up of at least two people. When you have two people playing games together, you just can't beat the camaraderie. So here is a list of what I consider to be the best video gaming duos currently on youtube, in no particular order,

1. Game Grumps/Steam Train- you have to mention these guys, funny and always playing a variety of games.

2. Continue Show- the best show with mostly bad games, these guys are hilarious.

3. Cross Counter-Mike Ross and Gootecks: two badasses at Street Fighter and funny doods.

4. Super Beard Bros./Completionist- Crazy informative. &

5. It's A Dog and Game- Not really a duo, but for this, I am going to count the Dog and the Computer as two. This channel reminds you of why video games are great, pure magic.

6. Left Down Right Up Gaming- this one is a little biased, these are two people from my town that have their own channel, they don't have a ton of subscribers, but they are fucking hilarious and play a variety of games.

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