Sunday, November 16, 2014

Apparently, a shark poster featuring all the different species of Hammerhead sharks did not exist, so I made one.

This is a handmade poster featuring every species of known Hammerhead shark to date. Each shark features a drawing, name, latin name, average and max length, world map that shows its habitat, and a small line drawing of each shark's head to better illustrate the differences in head shape for each species. The sharks are colored in their real hues. The poster is 18x24 inches. 

I made this for anyone who wants to learn quite a bit about Hammerhead sharks and also people who just love having a good shark poster hanging around. If you want this, go here and buy it from me

If you click the link and it is gone, that means someone bought it, but if you really want one, send me a message on etsy and I will make you one. Maybe you don't want a poster about Hammerheads, but another animal done in this educational style, well I would be happy to help you out with that as well.

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