Monday, December 28, 2015

This sign is in the movie, American Ninja 2: The Confrontation. The sign is located in a long, college science building-type hallway. This also makes it easier for anyone who is not familiar with the layout of Blackbeard Island to easily find the master laboratory where the "SuperNinja Program" is being carried out.

My issue with this is, in the context of the movie, it seems like an amateur move to go to a sign place ostensibly in the Caribbean, where the movie takes place, and order this sign. Or maybe you get the sign made before you kidnap the man who has developed a cure for cancer and before you get the facility made on Blackbeard Island.

I'm just saying if you get a sign made of 'Master Laboratory,' someone who had a hand in making the sign might start putting things together and now you've got to tie up those loose ends.

It's sloppy.

Maybe the bad guy aka The Lion has a sign guy on staff.

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