Saturday, September 1, 2012

Next month, season three of the walking dead starts, and like you, I am fairly excite. The season two dvd just got released a few days ago. I haven't bought a dvd in a long time because I am a cheap bastard, but check this shit out.

That's right, that is the zombie head from the beginning of season two that Andrea stabbed. If you don't remember, it was right after Andrea tried to kill herself and Dale stopped her. The walking dead posse is on the highway looking through cars for supplies, then zombies appear, everyone hides under cars. Well this lucky guy managed to get into the RV where Andrea was moping hardcore, then she stabbed him with a screwdriver while simultaneously finding a reason to live. Either way, this would be a nice addition to any room. Even the kitchen, it's that cool. Here's the link to buy it for only sixty-five bucks.

The show made me start reading the comic, so if you're a hipster who "started reading it before the show," you can go fuck yourself. The second volume contains an awful image that I feel the need to share with everyone. Here it is.

That's right, Andrea and Dale hook it the fuck up. You are welcome.

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