Thursday, February 28, 2013

Just finished this book, "The driver's guide to hitting pedestrians," by Anderson Prunty. I bought the book because of the title and it was published by Lazy Fascist, the same place that publishes all of Sam Pink's work. The book is a collection of random incredibly short, short stories, only the first one is about hitting pedestrians, but that's okay. Interesting short read.

All the stories are too long for me to even consider typing out one in its' entirety, but here are the first few sentences of a story called "Lost."

"Lon spends three weeks growing a thick, dark mustache. One day he invites his girlfriend, Tina, over. It isn't long before he is performing cunnilingus on her. She laughs and tells him she likes the way the mustaches feels. Within a few minutes, she reaches a shivering climax. Afterwards, Tina giggles and leaves. It isn't until the next morning, when Lon goes into the bathroom to shave, he notices his mustaches missing. "That bitch," he says between clenched teeth....."

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