Saturday, February 1, 2014

I was watching Squidbillies the other day and it featured Gaga Pee Pap, Early's father.

The guy on the right.

I thought I recognized his voice as that of Jesco White aka the Dancing Outlaw from West Virginia, however I had just watched the Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia documentary, so I thought my brain was fucking with me.

But nawp, it IS Jesco White. Jesco White the Dancing Outlaw from the crazy-ass White family of West Virginia, who is known for being crazy and mountain dancing does the voice for Gaga Pee Pap.

This guy.

Jesco White's mountain dancing ability is so well known, there are plenty of country songs about him. However, country music isn't that cool to me, but something that is cool is that this guy is featured in GTAV, that's right Grand Theft Auto Five, in the mountain region dancing. Shit.

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