Thursday, May 31, 2012

I was at work during the first half of this game, but I caught the second half. Oh man, what a spectacular game! Im an american, but Brazil is my favorite team, the beautiful game and all that. I have to say though, I do dig the US's new uniforms, there's something delightfully european about them. Neymar was busting out all his tricks on the US defenders, making them look like fools. Surprisingly, the US didn't get completely manhandled in the second half. There were a ton of almost goals, that either hit the post or were deflected. Brazil's goalie had a great showing, blocking two attacks back-to-back. Marcelo, for Brazil, was all over the field, making plays. The game was highly aggressive, I like that, shows passion. The US almost made it 2-3, but Pato came in and got another goal for Brazil. God, what a great game. Here are the official stats if you're interested.

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