Thursday, December 20, 2012

I just finished this book, it's the first real zombie book I have ever read and man, was it awesome. Here's the gist of the plot, guy named Dekalb works for the United Nations, he is in Somalia where he meets a Somali leader woman who is in need of AIDS drugs. She makes Dekalb search all over for the AIDS drugs which leads him to New York. Get this, Somalia is virtually unaffected by the Epidemic, aka zombie apocalypse, along with the other third world countries.

The story also is about a guy who is living in New York named Gary, Gary starts out as human, but he is so afraid of being eaten, HE ZOMBI-FIES himself. Gary was a medical student and he theorized that zombies were stupid due to lack of oxygen in the brain at the time of death, so Gary used ventilators and dialysis machines as he killed himself to retain his intellect. That's right, a walking, talking, thinking zombie.

Dekalb and Gary cross paths, it goes haywire, and Dekalb's Somalian soldier girl entourage kill Gary, OR DO THEY? Gary comes back with a vengeance, with some new weird...I dont want to say powers, but he begins to be able to control other zombies. Needless to say Gary is pretty bitter at Dekalb and his posse for killing him and then wackiness ensues.

Nothing happens in this book that you would expect to, it's the first in a three part series. It really is just good. I implore you to read it and if it's any consolation, it is written really well. Apparently the book started out online somewhere, so you may be able to read it for free and that's always cool.

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