Monday, December 17, 2012

I live in Paragould, Arkansas, a town with a population of about 30,000 people, give or take. I don't care about my town or town gossip, or any of that small town nonsense, but yesterday, an article in the local paper was brought to my attention.

Apparently, there has been an increase in crime in Paragould, home invasions, robberies, general stealing, and a bunch of teenyboppers are killing themselves over being bullied or getting broken up with, you know, the usual stuff.

But now, the mayor, Mike Gaskill, is going to "take back the streets." The ingenious plan to do that is to have patrolmen walking around in SWAT gear brandishing AR-15s. If these SS soldiers see someone walking they will demand to see their I.D.'s or "papers," if we're being honest.

That's it, that is THE plan. He apparently brought it to people's attention at a town hall a baptist church, and there was only 40 people there! That's how small Paragould is, town meetings are held at a church. Can I just say 40 people out of 30,000 does not a good sample make?

Forgive me talking about this stupid shit, but the only people in the entire world who will know about these SS Soldiers walking around small town Arkansas, will be the northeast area of Arkansas, and I sort of feel like this is one of those things that people need to hear about.

One more thing, when I hear "take back the streets," I imagine an L.A. Riots type situation, not....not whatever is happening in my town that I didn't even know was happening.

Here's the real article in the Paragould Daily Press, it's a pretty ridiculous read, and look at those awful pics they took, don't even have good cameras.

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